Reclaim Control Of Your Time

Calmly accomplish your goals, create space to breathe and find fulfillment in your life.

Hi, I'm Anna

Years ago, seasons of overwhelm had mounted around me and I felt like a stranger in my own life. I had checked off all of the socially acceptable boxes: career as an elementary educator, married to my husband, family, and my favorite dog! Yet, I didn’t feel satisfied or fulfilled. In fact, I felt pretty depleted. I started searching for ways to reclaim control of my time. 

I’m from the Pacific Northwest with dreams to live at the beach and own a ranch! It’s the Gemini in me, craving two things at once.

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Ask yourself why...

Why your satisfaction and fulfillment aren’t on your accomplishment list.

For many women, we desire the hours and energy to fulfill our roles while also showing up to be present in each of them. Yet, it is often challenging for us to recognize how to handle all of our responsibilities and still have wiggle room.

I teach high achievers how to calmly accomplish their goals, create the space to breathe, and find fulfillment in their lives.

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Collect Your Complimentary Time-Saving Journal

Reclaim control of your time so you can accomplish your goals and still have the space to breathe. We often feel pulled between the roles in our lives. When we take a moment to interact with our time intentionally, we create flexibility in this gentle structure.

Clear Your Plate

30-Minute Sessions - $45

Our lives can feel rather crowded at times, can’t they? Meanwhile, we are wanting the space to breathe. In this session, we will observe your current plate, the feelings of being pulled, and create a more manageable balance for you in this current season. When you sign up for this session, you will be guided through a series of questions and where you desire to spend your time. You will walk away with a simple template that you can use to create balance while still feeling accomplished.

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In Flow

A 4-session immersion for the woman who wants to calmly accomplish her goals, while still having space to breathe.

Productivity is often referred to as how much we can get done for work. However, this hardly takes into account the life of a woman—the pull we feel between work and other roles in our lives. We want to flexibly be available for our personal life and still show up for our achievements.

In Flow will take you through a process of how to focus on the things that move the needle forward so you can stop feeling pulled, and start calmly accomplishing your goals with ease.

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My Writings

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Balanced Productivity

A short audiobook to help you create the foundations for a life of accomplishment and ease.

Balanced Productivity is a way to feel more connected to our lives.

If you’ve been looking for a way to calmly accomplish goals, while having space to breathe, this audiobook may feel satisfying..

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Feed the Fam Class

A Simple Solution to End Deciding on Dinner Struggles

Dinner time can be a struggle. After a long day of focusing on work, we may feel that figuring out what’s for dinner is impossible. Creating simple structures and systems in our house take daily tasks that feel impossible and makes them into easeful second nature. We know exactly what’s for dinner, yet have the flexibility for changes in case we want something different. This system prioritizes buy-in from our family so we can stop struggles before they begin, a simple process you can duplicate weekly, and flexibility so you can still enjoy take out without worrying about our food going bad.

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