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Hi, I'm Anna

Years ago, seasons of overwhelm had mounted around me and I felt like a stranger in my own life. I had checked off all of the socially acceptable boxes to meet the expectations of life: career as an elementary educator, married to my best friend, family thriving, and my favorite dog! Yet, I didn’t feel satisfied or fulfilled. In fact, I felt pretty depleted. I started searching for ways to reclaim control of my time so I could show up to every role fully present. 

Soon, I realized that through intentional planning, I could accomplish my goals yet still have the freedom and flexibility to spend time on my personal accomplishments.

I love planning, learning how to do tasks I dislike more efficiently, and dreaming about owning a ranch in Wyoming.


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Ask yourself why...

Why freedom and fulfillment have fallen off your priority list.

For many of us business owners, we started our business to have more freedom. Yet, it is often challenging for us to recognize how to handle all of our responsibilities and still have wiggle room to show up for the last minute family request.

I teach passionate business owners how to reclaim control of their time so they can get back to the reasons they started their business – freedom, flexibility, and fulfillment.

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Collect Your Complimentary Time-Saving Journal

Reclaim control of your time so you can have the freedom and flexibility to live your life fully present. We often feel pulled between the roles in our lives. When we take a moment to interact with our time intentionally, we create flexibility in this structure.

Clear Your Plate

40-Minute Sessions - $60

Does your plate feel too full?

This session is designed to clear your plate and start fresh. We can work together to prioritize better so you are working on meaningful tasks that move your professional and personal accomplishments forward.

If you are constantly feeling like you get a lot done but don’t feel satisfied at night, this session can help you uncover why. We will take your never-ending to-do list and put it into a manageable structure that gives you flexibility & still feels fulfilling.

I’m Ready to Clear my Plate

Create Time freedom

For the hardworking & driven business owner who wants more freedom, flexibility and fulfillment.

We want to show up in integrity to all the roles in our lives. Yet, we find ourselves putting work first when we know we’d like to prioritize our personal life as well. Soon the very business we hoped would give us freedom, flexibility and fulfillment to do things our way becomes more meetings than creative work. Not only that but we are constantly feeling torn between our personal and professional accomplishments.

Create time freedom will take you through the process of focusing on the right things so you can show up for your personal and professional life in a fulfilling way.

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My Writings

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Balanced Productivity

A short audiobook to help you create the foundations for a life of accomplishment and ease.

Balanced Productivity is a way to feel more connected to our lives.

If you’ve been looking for a way to calmly accomplish goals, while having space to breathe, this audiobook may feel satisfying..

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Time Management Workshops

Empower your staff to use their time productively

Why would you want more time? This is the question we can ask ourselves.

As business owners, it may be for a simple reason – more money. We can clearly see the benefit of having more time, we can work more! Our employees, however, may not have the same motivation.

So how do we work with our employees to have better time management and greater productivity?

That’s how I help.

I teach businesses how to reclaim control of their time so they can sign off at five.

Whether people want to get home to their kids, or just their dogs, everyone has a reason they may want more time.

Through a Time Management Workshop, we leverage individual motivations to produce better and more efficient outcomes.  As a business owner, this means more satisfied employees, greater retention, and increased profits.

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Prioritize Your Health

Fit your personal health goals into your life.

Do you often feel like you don’t have time (or energy) to workout? I think we all can relate to the struggle to prioritize our health.

Working out seems to be the thing that falls off the plate first, yet I find when I prioritize my health – then I am energized and more focused on my day-to-day tasks.

In times of separation, community can help. So can accountability.

That’s why I’m opening up my prioritize your health small group again. We’ll use tools to make time for our health goals in a realistic way for our busy lives.

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