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  • @ruffstuff you’re looking to time travel into the past? 😁

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    How did I end up here?

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  • @rob What’s hilarious is that this will eventually come full-circle. Eventually Menstrual-gram will be “for old people” too, and all the kids will be like “man - have you guys discovered this amazing new thing called a ‘FORUM’ ?? WHUUT!!?”

    I’ll be here waiting patiently. 🙂

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  • @murphomatic said in It's been almost 20 years:

    @tlfreek I’m still around too - check in from time to time.

    I think social media has largely made forum sites like this obsolete … which is unfortunate. I hate social-media, and I don’t do Facebook.

    Maybe someday the new-car luster will wear off of the Facebooks of the world, and people will swing back to the old forums? Hard to tell … I’ll keep running this site as long as I can. It’s ready for the return … if and when that ever happens.

    FB is dying, just not fast enough. Kids left for Instagram, nowFB is for “old people”😁

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