Balanced & Accomplished


Create spaciousness, find your balance, and get more done without feeling like you have to do it all.

Productivity isn’t simply about time management. Many of us believe if we simply have more time, we would get more done. That isn’t true. 


We can learn our personal productivity type, understand how to use our energy best without feeling pulled in a million directions, combined with time management techniques that create balance so we can actually have more time, and get more done.


Productivity, the way I approach it, is about understanding yourself first so you can finish your to-do list without it running in the back of your mind and use mom guilt as a superpower to feel both balanced & accomplished.


Balanced & Accomplished was created to help you solve these challenges: 

  • Do not have enough hours in the day to get everything done and have “me time.”
  • Feel mom guilt when trying to do what you want & getting pulled in a million directions.
  • Feel like you need better time management & motivation to get your to-do list done.
  • Have used time management strategies before but get off track.


Through our work together, you’ll be able to:

  • Create the hours in the day to do what you need & have “me time”
  • Identify priorities so you know what to spend your time on and how to say “no” to things without sounding b*tchy.
  • Find your personal time management style & stay motivated to get your to do list done.
  • Stay consistent with your time management strategies and reclaim control of your life.


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How to gauge if Balanced & Accomplished is a good fit for you:

  • I approach productivity differently than many coaches. I work with an authentic blueprint (Human Design) to find the best systems and strategies for you.
  • I enjoy working weekly but believe in integration. Sometimes, it’s necessary to have some space between sessions. I support that approach with accountability (weekly email check-ins in place)
  • If you are looking for a quick-fix method that doesn’t connect to who you are as a person, this is not a good fit. This is deeper work, but you will understand yourself better so you can actually achieve work-life balance beyond our sessions.

You Receive:

  • 4 Weekly sessions (60 minutes each)
  • Access to …
  • Weekly email support between sessions
  • Mini-course: Feed the Fam – a simple system to feed the fam in 1 hour or less a week
  • Pricing:$ 440

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Anna is such a saving grace! She brings structures and tools that work to combat overwhelm and the juggling so many of us are doing as working moms, so we can have more ease and productivity in our lives. Her classes have totally transformed my relationship to my time and my schedule. So thankful! I highly recommend Anna and her services. – Megan Barella

Anna has helped me out so much! She offers amazing tips and is a great listener! I reached out to her because I was having a hard time balancing things between work and home…she helped me to see things more clearly and we came up with a realistic and doable plan to implement! Thank you Anna! -Lymari Martinez