sitting at a table working on time

Why would you want more time? This is the question we can ask ourselves. 

As business owners, it may be for a simple reason – more money. We can clearly see the benefit of having more time, we can work more! Our employees, however, may not have the same motivation.

So how do we work with our employees to have better time management and greater productivity? 

That’s how I help.

I teach businesses how to reclaim control of their time so they can sign off at 5.

Whether people want to get home to their kids, or just their dogs, everyone has a reason they may want more time. 

Through a Time Management Workshop, we leverage individual motivations to produce better and more efficient outcomes.  As a business owner, this means more satisfied employees, greater retention, and increased profits. 

A business workshop may be for you if you:

  • Often struggle to get employees to take deadlines seriously
  • Work in projects where deadlines are fluid 
  • Feel like you are constantly reminding people to do their work 
  • Notice that employees need to take work home consistently

Through this work we will:

  • Create individual motivation to produce work on time
  • Establish a simple structure for tasks that help make project work manageable
  • Turn employees into self-motivated people who desire to complete their work
  • Stop the work from home cycle to give employees (and you) greater work-life balance.

This is a good fit for business owners who have:

  • 1-10 employees
  • An established culture of, at least, six months.
  • An office or central virtual space to meet
  • Willingness to follow up and support employees with their final tasks.

Feel free to schedule a chat here if you feel this suits your needs

Virtual workshops are $180 for 1.5 hours (workshop materials are printed by employees)

In-person workshops are $240 for 1.5 hours (workshop materials are provided by us)

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