Create Time Freedom

For the driven business owner who wants to close their laptop at 5 and be present with their family.

We want to show up in integrity to all the roles in our lives. Yet, we find ourselves putting work first when we know we’d like to prioritize our personal life as well. Soon the very business we hoped would give us freedom to show up to last minute family requests becomes more meetings than client work. Not only that but we are constantly feeling torn between our personal and professional accomplishments. (Whoops to that workout we promised we’d start.)

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Create Time Freedom is for those with the following challenges:

  • You have tried pushing through, sticking to a strict routine, and working in small pockets of the day only to end up frustrated.
  • You know work comes first and you’d like to spend more time on your family but worry about missing out on income.
  • When you finish something, it’s onto the next thing with little time for pause, satisfaction or reflection on how to approach it more easefully.
  • You have a hard time saying ‘no’ even when you know that an opportunity doesn’t match your goals.

Through our work together, you’ll be able to:

  • Create a simple, flexible structure that allows you to show up for your personal and professional accomplishments.
  • Establish routines that optimize work time when your brain is fresh so you can show up in integrity to your work.
  • Move commitments around with ease so you have true time freedom.
  • Know exactly where your time is going so you can have more space in your calendar to show up for your personal life the way you do for your professional life.

How to gauge if Create Time Freedom is a good fit for you:

  • You are self-motivated and committed to making changes.
  • You take responsibility and ownership of areas where you can make changes, and work to remove those obstacles.
  • Can commit to eight (1-hour) sessions to be completed weekly for the first 4 weeks and bi-weekly for the last 4 weeks.
  • I approach time management and goal setting differently than most coaches. The goal is to create a sustainable structure that puts you on the schedule and allows for freedom, flexibility and fulfillment. I want to work myself out of a job, so my goal will be to establish routines that work without me.

You Receive

1 Get Clear on your Priorities Session, 8 Weekly Balanced and Accomplished sessions, 60 minutes each

On your appointment weeks, you will have access to:

A follow-up email with clarity on the next steps so you can implement them right away.

Proven tools and systems that you can use in each new season of your life.

Time each session to work on your plan so you can walk away with something you will actually implement



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Anna is such a saving grace!

Anna is such a saving grace! She brings structures and tools that work to combat overwhelm and the juggling so many of us are doing as working moms, so we can have more ease and productivity in our lives. Her classes have totally transformed my relationship to my time and my schedule. So thankful! I highly recommend Anna and her services.

Megan B.

She offers amazing tips and is a great listener!

Anna has helped me out so much! She offers amazing tips and is a great listener! I reached out to her because I was having a hard time balancing things between work and home… she helped me to see things more clearly and we came up with a realistic and doable plan to implement! Thank you Anna!

Lymari M.

Took me from feeling flustered, exhausted, and ineffective to feeling calm and satisfied

I started working with Anna because I wasn’t feeling accomplished, even though I was getting a lot done. I was jumping from thing to thing, pulled in a ton of different directions. I didn’t have any space in my life. Working with Anna took me from feeling flustered, exhausted, and ineffective to feeling calm and satisfied. Anna encouraged me as we crafted flexible systems that removed the pressure I was feeling in life. She guided me as I found places in life where I could have more space to simply enjoy and be present in life. Anna is a rock star and I highly recommend working with her. I’ll be using what I learned from our work for years to come.

Sarah L.

I felt a prisoner to my calendar

I decided to work with Anna because I felt a prisoner to my calendar. I was longing for more spaciousness, and she’s a spaciousness mentor who came highly recommended! What I’ve appreciated most from working with Anna is how she has a framework and system for increasing spaciousness, yet is very “real”. She worked with my day-to-day realities (including building my business, two small kids, professional and personal goals) and customized a system to work for me — following up with relevant materials between sessions. I would recommend this offering to anyone who wonders where the time goes, who is feeling constrained by “not enough time” and who longs for more spaciousness.

Tricia B.