Show the ‘eff up: How to get enough hours in the day to juggle it all


You have kids. You have a partner. You have a dog…and a cat. You also work full time, and There is NO FREAKIN’ TIME! But there is…mama…I want to show you how.

Do you ever feel like you are on the hamster wheel, and all you do is continue to go round and round?You see no end in sight, and simply hear yourself saying the same things, “there’s not enough time in the day to…” I know, I’ve been there.

I’ve collapsed into bed at the end of the day, my head spinning wondering…where did the day go? Where did the week go? OMG it’s JULY! Time goes by so fast, especially when you are unaware of what you are spending it on. Dave Ramsey says…every penny on paper on purpose. I say, every minute on paper on purpose.

That said, I know you are a busy mama…so the best we can do is be conscientious about what we are currently spending our time on and utilize blocks to create more space. First though…I’m giving you permission. I’m giving you a dare. I’m telling you loud and proud – it is TIME to show the eff up for yourself…The way you do for your daughter or son’s practice. The way you tell your significant other it’s OK if they go out with their friends after work, even though silently inside you are struggling.

I know why you are struggling mama. You feel like you don’t have it. Not time… but permission. I want you to hear me say. You do. You have permission to be a woman, wife, significant other, worker, friend, mother. But first…you must give yourself permission to care for you.

To do that, you must set yourself as a priority. You must see what it is that fills up your cup, not let anyone else do it for you, but you must see for yourself what it is that lights you on fire. Now, schedule it in. Make it a priority.

It’s easy to blame it on…your kids, your significant other, your dog, your “too much to do.” But that’s an excuse…you are worried…you feel guilty…you already are pulled in so many directions…but here’s the thing… You will run yourself to the point you explode, and when you do…you will feel guilty anyway.

So why not poor that energy into something that will make you HAPPY. Will light your fire! Will make you feel alive again. Because, mama, you deserve to feel alive. So pick that one thing…and show the eff up.

If you simply cannot see where the time will come from, grab my free time tool below. I know what it feels like to not have enough time, but there is…you just need to get clear on what you are spending it on.