woman lifting weights

Do you often wish you could have the time to workout? 

I think we all can relate to the struggle to prioritize our health!

Fitting in fitness and nutrition can be a challenge in our busy lives. We can barely eat lunch daily, let alone have it be healthy!

That’s why I created the Prioritize your Health: Fit in a Jiff channel.

We’ll create a daily fitness pillar to keep you focused on your health goals between commitments, while stabilizing the chaos in your already busy schedule.

If you are here, you likely:

  • Know it’s important to prioritize your health but it often falls off your plate.
  • Need support and motivation to develop a habit that stabilizes the chaos in your schedule.
  • Wish there were more hours in the day so you could get your workout in and still show up fully present to the family.

This will help you:

  • Make a realistic plan you will actually stick with and not fall off after one month.
  • Create a daily pillar in your life that will calm the chaos of your crazy busy schedule.
  • Stay present during overwhelming seasons.

Investment starts at:

  • $50 for accountability
  • $160 for accountability, workouts, and options to help you stay consistent or fit in nutrition. 

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Hope to work with you!


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Before working with Anna, I was on a roller coaster of trying to keep my health in check but not knowing where to start. Now, I’m in a position where…I’m more conscientious. What surprised me the most was how simple it was. Not necessarily easy, but having one focus on incorporating vegetables in my food choices helped guide me and steer me. I would definitely recommend this program to others! Focusing on just ONE habit to form makes the health journey process much easier. Anna has a positive attitude that helps guide, and the motivational kick is what I needed.  

– Melissa