Get more energy

It’s easy to say that you don’t have the time…

or the energy…

for anything more.

I remember just being so exhausted that I couldn’t even get off the couch, let alone think of doing anything else…


I also couldn’t live there.

What if you could have something for you?

  • Something that the kids didn’t do, but you didn’t feel guilty about leaving them.
  • Something that didn’t interfere with making dinner, laundry (or putting it away…yikes!)
  • Something that gave you 100x more energy than it took away?

No, it’s not coffee…silly…

or crack. (although, click here and grab some mom crack if you do need a pick me up)

It’s a group of other working women who are exactly where you are:


ready for something for themselves

and battling guilt…but showing up for themselves so they can show up for everyone else.

Is this you?

  • Struggling to balance it all?
  • Needing more time and energy.
  • Can’t find something…anything for you…?

That’s why I created the Fit Fam, a group of working women holding each other accountable using home workouts and flexible nutrition programs.

Learn to:

  • Make more time in your schedule
  • Overcome guilt of showing up for yourself
  • Move from “I can’t get motivated” to “I just worked out”
  • Live your life beyond exhausted.

If you want to juggle it all and go from from exhausted to energized,

grab a spot in our next virtual fit fam.

I will send you group details within 48 hours!