In Flow

A 4-session immersion for the woman who wants to calmly accomplish her goals, while still having space to breathe.

Productivity is often referred to as how much we can get done for work. However, this hardly takes into account the life of a woman—the pull we feel between work and other roles in our lives. We want to flexibly be available for our personal life and still show up for our achievements.

In Flow will take you through a process of how to focus on the things that move the needle forward so you can stop feeling pulled, and start calmly accomplishing your goals with ease.

Coffee and journal

In Flow is medicine for the woman who:

  • Gets a lot done but often feels exhausted or unfulfilled at the end of the day.
  • Feels pulled between work and personal life, and finds it hard to be fully present for either.
  • Is unsure what to put on their daily plan to move the needle forward and feel satisfied.
  • Feels a bit of guilt and self-judgment for not spending their energy on what ‘really’ matters to them.

Through our work together, you’ll be able to:

  • Create a plan that feels uplifting to implement and that allows you to flexibly still show up in other areas of your life that are important.
  • Feel both balanced and accomplished between work and personal life.
  • Discover the ways to build a daily plan that actually leads you to get it done without exhaustion.
  • Uncover why you may not be spending your energy where you really want and create a supportive solution without judgment or guilt.

How to gauge if In Flow is a good fit for you:

  • You feel ready to work with your energy levels instead of against them.
  • You feel open to exploring new systems with fresh eyes and an open mind.
  • You can commit to four (1-hour) sessions to be completed within four-six weeks from the first appointment.
  • My approach focuses on your entire life. If you are looking to simply get more done without considering other aspects of your life, or your energy levels – this isn’t a good fit.

You Receive

4 Weekly sessions, 60 minutes each

On your appointment weeks, you will have access to:

A shared digital plan to stay accountable.

Proven tools or strategies that are tailored to your needs and work with your energy levels instead of against them.

Time each session to work on your plan so you can walk away with something you will actually implement



$340 or 2 x $170


Anna is such a saving grace!

Anna is such a saving grace! She brings structures and tools that work to combat overwhelm and the juggling so many of us are doing as working moms, so we can have more ease and productivity in our lives. Her classes have totally transformed my relationship to my time and my schedule. So thankful! I highly recommend Anna and her services.

Megan B.

She offers amazing tips and is a great listener!

Anna has helped me out so much! She offers amazing tips and is a great listener! I reached out to her because I was having a hard time balancing things between work and home… she helped me to see things more clearly and we came up with a realistic and doable plan to implement! Thank you Anna!

Lymari M.

Took me from feeling flustered, exhausted, and ineffective to feeling calm and satisfied

I started working with Anna because I wasn’t feeling accomplished, even though I was getting a lot done. I was jumping from thing to thing, pulled in a ton of different directions. I didn’t have any space in my life. Working with Anna took me from feeling flustered, exhausted, and ineffective to feeling calm and satisfied. Anna encouraged me as we crafted flexible systems that removed the pressure I was feeling in life. She guided me as I found places in life where I could have more space to simply enjoy and be present in life. Anna is a rock star and I highly recommend working with her. I’ll be using what I learned from our work for years to come.

Sarah L.

I felt a prisoner to my calendar

I decided to work with Anna because I felt a prisoner to my calendar. I was longing for more spaciousness, and she’s a spaciousness mentor who came highly recommended! What I’ve appreciated most from working with Anna is how she has a framework and system for increasing spaciousness, yet is very “real”. She worked with my day-to-day realities (including building my business, two small kids, professional and personal goals) and customized a system to work for me — following up with relevant materials between sessions. I would recommend this offering to anyone who wonders where the time goes, who is feeling constrained by “not enough time” and who longs for more spaciousness.

Tricia B.