The Gift of Time


In a state of constant overwhelm?

Wondering how all the other moms do it?

That was me too.

I really didn’t feel comfortable using our hard, earned money to pay for anything to make me feel better.

After all, I had everything I needed. Food, shelter, love…but you know what I didn’t have…

Time to freakin’ breathe!

So, the first step?


Decide what is important to you.

Laundry done?

Meals together?

What will make you feel like you are rockin’ it as a good mom?

Decide it.

And ditch the rest.

Here are a few gifts to get your started.

Go from “there’s nothing for dinner” to “dinner’s served” in an hour or less a week.
Go from “there’s just not enough hours in the day” to “juggling it all”.

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