We often feel like …if only others helped out more…we’d have

The time…or…the…energy…

for the things we really wanted to do.

When the kids grow up…we will…but what if we could have that now? I remember just being so exhausted that I couldn’t even get off the couch, let alone think of doing anything else, and being angry af when someone would come and ask me for something. 

It was went I decided that others were not responsible for my exhaustion or anger, that I really made the change.

It is OUR responsibility to define our lives, even if no one else is managing their own ish.

Eek. Did she just say that?


My “I know what to do I just need support” package is for the woman who knows she needs to make a change, but starting feels overwhelming. 

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When we are empowered, we have full control (and ownership) of our lives, and can work with our energy levels to reclaim the hours, and energy to feel balanced and accomplished.

Let’s create the support to get out of overwhelm, and into balance.