About Me

Hey best fraaaaaan!  Can we be best friends, or should I just like…not say that… (secretly crying inside)

Me, just casually waiting for you to be my best friend.

I am a working mom, a wife, a best fraaaaan, dog mom, teacher, and really freakin’ good juggler – but I have a lot of help, so I thought I’d pass along the favor.

I help working moms doing it all stop feeling overwhelmed, start feeling balanced, and spend time doing what the really want to do. My goal is for you to build the life that feels balanced and accomplished without losing your ish.

That includes having more time and energy so you could even get a workout in.

WHAT? Yes, it’s possible.

I remember laying on the couch, exhausted, just wishing that it was easier to balance it all.

Dinner needed to be made, my daughter needed help with her homework, and the dogs were nudging me to go out.

I lost my ish.

I couldn’t do it all, and I refused to pretend I could.

So, mama, Stop pretending.

We weren’t put on this planet to take care of everyone’s ish for them.

We deserve to feel balanced, accomplished and get ish done without losing our ish.

We’re human.

It’s time to start living like one.

Want to start having more time to relax and get it all done?