About Me

I am a working mom, a wife, a best friend, dog mom, former teacher, and really freakin’ good juggler. I have always carried a lot on my plate, as I navigated work, family life, and obtaining my Bachelor’s in Business and Master’s in Teaching. I do have a lot of help, so I thought I’d pass along the favor.

I help high achievers make the most of their time without burning out. My goal is for you to build the life that feels balanced and accomplished without losing your ish.

That includes having more time and energy so you could even get a workout in or read a book, daily.

WHAT? Yes, it’s possible.

As an ambitious woman who has been through all walks of life: young mom, single mom, going to school and working full time, as well as, married and working full time as a teacher while running a business (whew), I know what it’s like to have a lot on my plate. It is possible to efficiently take care of your to do list and still have free time.

During a particularly stressful night years ago, I just wanted to rest on the couch after a long day of work. My daughter approached me and asked, “What’s for dinner?” I lost it.

Luckily my daughter is still alive.

We often believe we cannot have it all: a career, relationships, and balance in our lives. We can but we need to be radically honest about what we want, so we can actually create the time to achieve it. Not only that, but get the right support so we can do it without exhaustion or burn out.

Productivity and time management are buzzwords that turn humans into robots. I want to empower you to not need me by giving you tools, support, and inner knowing so you can sustainably live the life you want & achieve your goals.

My experience is in classrooms, working demanding jobs & running consultancies while showing up to be present with my family, I have taken my teaching skills to the online space to help high acheivers make the most of their time, without overwhelm or exhaustion.

Let me show you how.

First, We need to know where our time is going? Here’s my time journal: http://bit.ly/timebacknow

Second, We need a flexible plan that actually gets implemented. Let’s create that together: Book a sesh here

Look forward to good conversation and getting your to-do list done with ease.