What to do with the Spaciousness Once we Actually Have it.

Spaciousness, the feeling of an open room with nothing encroaching on our time.

Creating this requires intention, as well as, discipline. For one, it becomes very clear once we develop space – we desire to fill it. We want to spend time doing something we really desire. However, when we do this, we often aren’t clear on the fact that open-ended space for the very sake of having it can be important.

The biggest enemy of spaciousness is filling it with unnecessary items. Things we really don’t want to spend time doing but do nonetheless. These may be chores, catching up on work, or getting ahead for the week.

So, if we don’t intend to fill it, what do we do with the spaciousness once we actually have it?

There are some practical steps we can take to create comfort in spaciousness, and begin to thoughtfully use our time to explore our true desires:

  1. Create daily pillars that anchor the day. These can be daily walks, morning rhythms, or any activity that is repeated often. This helps create stability in an open-ended schedule and allows for comfort to explore.
  2. Build resiliency to space by gradually increasing it. Perhaps we may fall into filling up our new-found spaciousness. We can then work backward to create more space intentionally. Over time, it becomes more comfortable to sit without having anything in particular to do.
  3. Explore options to spend time in an easeful way. That means adding activities thoughtfully that allow exploration of enjoyment. If it feels like a strain to spend energy there, it often isn’t the right activity.
  4. If suddenly a lot of spaciousness has begun without warning, engage in activities that calm the nervous system while seeking invitations and opportunities to respond. Again, resiliency to space is important, so focusing on calming the nervous system can help us ease into spaciousness.

When we desire the space to breathe, and finally get it, there may be a time period where we need to acclimate. If we understand that discomfort is normal, we can begin to intentionally challenge it. In this gentle challenge, we create the spaciousness that feels like a breath of fresh air, instead of an emptiness that must be filled.

What does spaciousness feel like for you – comforting or stifling? Feel free to share your thoughts.

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