How to Find Calm in a Chaotic World.

When the world feels chaotic, it can be disorienting. It’s difficult to know which way to move or how to find peace.

There is a way to find peace without the world needing to calm down. In fact, it’s important we learn it so we never have to wait for that.

We often look outside ourselves for the world to be a certain way before we take any action. This can show up as us blaming circumstances such as being “busy” or even others interrupting us for our lack of progress. Yet, this type of thinking is exactly what leads us to feel out of control often.

If we are spending time waiting for the world to change, we likely will be waiting quite a long time. Instead, through intentional planning and care, we can find our inner peace despite anything going on in our lives. We can center our decisions and thoughts around the following mantra, “focus on what you can control.”

What steps can you take now when you are feeling overwhelmed?

What is the next right step?

This allows us to focus back inward and ground ourselves in reality. It also keeps us from getting lost in co-dependency with others. Whenever we catch ourselves saying, “If only they would…” that is a signal to shift our focus back to our own actions.

What is it that is within my control to change here? Then do that.

If we cannot control the news cycle, perhaps we can control how long we tune into it. If we cannot control our partner, perhaps we can control our reaction to their habits. If we cannot control what others believe, perhaps we can control our own ability to be a light and shine ours into the world.

If this is helpful, my video with more examples might be of interest.

As you look forward to your week, what are the things that are fully within your control? Feel free to share them below

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