Reclaim Balance with Weekly Rhythms.

How do we balance it all? The simple task of preparing for the week ahead can make a huge difference. ⠀⠀⠀
Finding balance is not a specific set of rules, but there are weekly rhythms that help us create spaciousness alongside our accomplishments. The intentions of weekly rhythms are to be easeful in repeating activities. We may use these to feel more connected to ourselves and our lives.⠀
One of these weekly rhythms for me is Set it Up Sunday. This is where I look over my calendar, coordinate with my hubby, and then schedule my Focusmate sessions to honor my focused work time. Focusmate is a tool that I learned to use from Danielle Gardner. If you have a flexible schedule or work from home, it is an excellent strategy for avoiding procrastination.

Sunday is also my one day that I do the laundry and order groceries for pick up. Having a weekly pocket to place my chores that prepare me for the week helps it not run in the back of my mind. I know when I will take care of tasks and when. These are also rhythms for the entire family, so we are all involved in them. I talk more about how to achieve teamwork with weekly chores here.
Sundays are a time to ease into the week feeling centered and balanced. It doesn’t have to be rigid, but having our daily pillars in place will keep the week anchored and us feeling more in control over our time. I talk more about the pillars of a balanced life in my audiobook, Balanced Productivity: Foundations for a Life of Accomplishment & Ease.

How do we know what rhythms might work for us? Start by thinking of some key areas that are stressful during the week. Now consider what you might try on Sundays to make them a bit easier for the week ahead.

Look forward to hearing what you come up with, feel free to share below.

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