Reclaiming Time

Recently, I had a colleague mention the “time-bending” nature of a manifesting generator in human design, which I am. We go faster and tend to look for shortcuts, hence how I became interested in efficiency and productivity. So… I put together a list of thoughts from a time bender to play with this week…

  1. By slowing down our body’s movements, the world around us becomes “faster”. This allows us to observe our surroundings and be intentional with our decisions. When we observe time, we can start to recognize how time exists in our life, versus how it simply ticks on a clock (i.e. the interruptions, the balls thrown at us, the chores, etc). This is my own thought experiment with Einstein’s Special Theory of Relatively to manipulate time, but it works rather well for me. 
  2. Intentionality triumphs over motivation: by taking a moment to pause and look for common threads – we create less wasted moments and more intentional space.
  3. Look for patterns: how can we group like activities together, so we aren’t wasting time task switching?
  4. Take out the unnecessary. So many things we think we should do because we’ve always done them. Instead, what is necessary? What is not? By identifying this, we know what can be put first and last with ease.

Time bending may be a trick of the mind, or simply some savvy planning – either way, it allows us to move through our day with ease. How might you bend time this week?

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