How to Balance it All

Balance is the result of rearranging our plate when we take on a new task.

Many of us want to be able to balance it all. Balance is the act of listening to our energy levels and managing them with our current workload. This starts with assessing the areas that fulfill us the most. The result is rearranging our plate to prioritize those areas, that way we don’t feel like we are constantly juggling.

Think of our lives like a dinner plate – we have the main course and side dishes. The main course is what our focus is currently. Typically, this is an area of our lives where we put most of our time. The thing is, many of us fill our plate with things we don’t really want because of obligation. Instead, we can be radically honest with ourselves about where we want to spend our time, also allocate our time to the things that NEED to happen, and shrink or remove things that don’t fit (while managing our guilt).

What do we do with the things we NEED to do that take us from these important areas? We find ways to create a daily or weekly rhythm, so they happen quickly without them running in the back of our minds.

My main dish is my work. My side dishes are family, working out, and relationships. When my life changes or I take on something new, I have to reevaluate the size and proportion of my main course and side dishes. Things like laundry, meal planning, or chores get regularly scheduled or put on certain days so I’m not feeling pulled to do them. This is my balance in this season of life. As I take on a new role or one ends, I reassess and create a new balance.

Balance is personal, it looks different for everyone in various seasons, but we often forget to reevaluate our lives when we take on a new role. This is the work I do in my find your focus sessions. It’s the first step in creating balance.

What do you spend most of your time on right now, and do you often feel accomplished at the end of the day?

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