Prioritizing Family (or not)

Can I tell you a secret? My kid isn’t my number one priority.

We’ve been told that our kids need to be the center of our world in order to be a worthy parent. I tend to disagree. This is how we lose ourselves.

No one would suggest anything other than I’m a very involved mom. I spend plenty of time with my kid playing video games, impromptu coffee runs, and making sure we do family movie nights. When she says she needs me, she means it and I’m there.

However, when I schedule my day, my top three items on my to-do list are about my work. When my daughter asks me if I can take her somewhere, I say, “when I’m done with this task.”

Am I a fabulous mother? Heck yes! Do I drop everything to service her needs? Heck no!

We can prioritize our dreams and show up to be the woman (and mother) we want to be.

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