Rest is Productive (Not Lazy)

We can get caught up in the get sh*t done and then burn out cycle. Often times the latter leaves us feeling angry at ourselves for not being more productive.

“Where did my motivation go?” We ask.

Productivity requires us to feed the balance in our lives, to work with our natural energy levels, and develop systems to support getting our to-do list done without exhausting ourselves.

Lately, I have been working less and resting more without guilt. This is giving me the ability to get more done in my one-hour chunks of focused work time. I show up for my work blocks, get more done, and walk away without guilt until the next work time block.

Rest is needed to be productive. When we honor our inner rhythms. This means taking time to pause between tasks by creating wiggle room. Then we recognize how to check in with ourselves, feel the energy we have (or do not).

This ultimately leads to us getting more focused more time and completing our to-do list with ease. We can stop feeling overwhelmed, start feeling balanced, and spend more time doing what we really want to do.

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