Creating Calm From Chaos.

Our days tend to feel chaotic when we spend a lot of time with our to-do list running in the back of our mind, and without much of a structure to our days. This is especially true for those of us who continue to work at home.  Even in the midst of summer, there are always items on our list we hope to get done, but very little structure.

Now there’s the “s” word – the word everyone hates especially when we are talking about time management – structure.  If you haven’t heard my take on this, I believe structure creates flexibility.  This is because it’s much easier to move around jenga blocks than jello, am I right?

One of my favorite ways to create structure while still staying flexible is through daily pillars.

Daily pillars are recurring things that happen in our lives, they can be something we make a concerted effort to maintain, or they can be something a little more routine – like the cup of coffee we drink before the kids get up.

One of my daily pillars is a meeting with my mom. When Covid hit, my mom and I talked daily on zoom. We usually have this happen at the same time daily, but often will move it slightly as our scheduled change or we sleep in a little too late. This slowly transitioned to daily walks, where we meet to spend time outdoors.

Daily pillars give us a sense of structure and stability, even when our weeks feel chaotic. 

For those of you who are looking for more calm in your week, consider adding a daily pillar to your daily routine. So the chaos of life doesn’t overwhelm your entire day. 

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