How to Balance Work and Life

Balance exists.

Work-life balance has become a myth that many moms simply don’t want to acknowledge is possible anymore. We’ve scoffed at the idea of work-life balance so often; we have adopted a lifestyle that couldn’t possibly support it.

We find ourselves creating space, while simultaneously taking on more duties to fill it. Even during a time of a global calling to slow the eff down.
Let’s be clear…creating balance begins with us. Not out there. Not when something changes. Not when the kids go back to school. Not when they grow up.

It starts when we acknowledge it’s existence.

Balance, for me, means enjoying my work…getting lost in my work…and then listening to the signals of my inner authority when I start to feel that imbalance so I can shift my time to create more space…space for me to give that time to my child…my hubby…

But not space for them, space for me to engage…be present…be balanced.
Because our time is quite precious and living as if that were so is how we truly create balance.

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