How to Create the Life You Want (in the New Normal)

Are you adapting or creating the new normal?

Many of us are coming out of a time of shocked, frantic overwhelm. We finally feel like we are hitting a groove and regaining some sanity and productivity.

But now that the noise of the past week has subsided, I am curious…are you adapting or creating the new normal….

What do I mean by that?

Are you falling into the comfort of the days extending into the evenings, staying up too late?

Are you noticing you are scrolling social media frequently instead of finding a rhythm outside of collective energy?

If right now you are noticing you are not as productive with everyone home…

I encourage you to ask yourself…what am I creating here?

Even if it’s something small…a small decision to get up earlier…a small step of brain dumping and creating a to-do list…A quick routine in the day…

I found myself doing it yesterday. I stayed in my PJ’s all day and didn’t make a schedule. I certainly don’t feel guilty for doing it, but I asked myself this morning what I was creating and I made a decision to get up earlier.

I caught our family doing it today when our daughter was really struggling and we were just going to leave it alone. Instead, we had hard conversations and finalized our new social contract.

Notice where things aren’t ideal and see what small thing you can do today to make it better because if we simply dive back into the comfort of adapting instead of creating our new normal…we have not taken advantage of the crisis at hand here.

The crisis, in many ways, woke us out of comfort…so what can you create out of it?

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