Take Control of Your Life

Getting your day right starts with an epic routine. And NO I’m not telling you to get up earlier.

A routine is just something you do the same daily, also it’s completely possible to this flexibly. Even the night before if that works better for you.

1) Know how long things will take…so use a time tool. (Grab my free one here: bit.ly/timebacknow)
2) Plan in buffer time for things to go sideways…15 minutes +/-
3) Commit to only three must-dos for work and for home.
4) PLAN IN SLEEP. We did a free training in my group Balanced and Accomplished with Sleeper Teacher Brittney Steffanic about getting MORE and BETTER sleep.

If you need more time tips – I was just on the refreshing edge podcast and we talk all about balancing life and work.

Pst. If you need the full training, grab the video in my free group: Balanced and Accomplished

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