Stop Feeling Pulled

Why do you feel out of balance all the time and that your to-do list is never-ending? There may be a few reasons.

When we talk about priorities, there are many to feel pulled between. The kids, hubby, house, dog, we think there are too many competing priorities.

And there are.

When I first started learning about time management and priorities, I realized that not everything was equal. Equity doesn’t mean we give the same amount of attention to all things. It means we give attention to the things that will give us the biggest return on our energy. And mama, spoiler alert, it may not be your family.

We want our family to be the biggest thing that we focus on, but it may be the very thing that’s draining us. That’s the hard reality. Sometimes when we focus a little more on other areas of our lives, it allows us to be fully present with our family in a way that will fill us up versus that drains us.

Let that sink in.

How does that make you feel? What do you think when I say that? 

When we rank and identify the main priority, it gives us an idea of how we FEEL, what we THINK, and how to reassess now. If we feel really good about one area of our lives and what we are doing right now is enough, we can step our focus to another area.

So think about the low areas and maybe what it would look like/feel like/how you would show up for it to be a solid 10! You can use that information to say YES to more things that involve that area of your life and say no to other things without guilt.

Wouldn’t that feel amazing?

If you want more support for finding your priority, I cover this in a Find Your Focus session.

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