Save the evening stress. Get dinner on the table with ease.

Save this post if you want less stress in the evenings.

I looked up from my phone and saw my daughter looking at me over hers. I knew what the look meant. I probably should start making dinner, but I really didn’t want to. I had spent the day working hard, checking off to-dos, and now here I was about to add one more to-do to my list.

Can I just get a freakin’ break!?

Nights are busy in our home. You too? 

Sports, activities, appointments, getting enough sleep, it’s surprising we actually can juggle it all.

But it’s probably why we often are feeling exhausted and overwhelmed.

So…how to solve it?

Create an evening routine that is automatic, and that starts with a weekly meal plan and grocery shop.

Sundays, plan out your meals and get the week ready to feel like superwoman.

Stick to it by creating flexibility.

Get the family to actually eat the food by including them in the meal planning process.

Boom, your nights just got more relaxing.

Guess what? I teach all of this in my handy dandy Feed the Fam course – a quick course to get you from “what’s for dinner” to “dinner’s served” and the fam will actually eat it!

Meals shouldn’t be the hardest part of your night…save that for getting to bed on time! 

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