Back to school sh*tstorm: Keep things simple to go back to school with less stress.

My to do list kept growing. 

I felt like I was overwhelmed already, and the school year hadn’t even begun. 

As I wrote each item, I could feel myself becoming more exhausted by the letter. 


How was I going to balance it all?

First, there were my workouts, then work, cooking dinner, walking the dog, checking on my business…the list. Kept. growing.

And it wasn’t even accounting for the oddball stuff that came up like my tire pressure sensor, or the pap smear I needed to get.

What was it going to take to make this feel manageable?

This was the question that I felt deep in my veins when I decided to do something about it.

What I’m trying to say here is…you don’t have to live your life exhausted, overwhelmed, and trying to achieve a perfect balance that doesn’t exist.

Instead…recognize that what you HAVE to do is very different than what you WANT to do. 

What HAS to get done for back to school and what can you save for a little later in the season?

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