The two lies we tell ourselves about meal planning

Ugh meal planning. I don’t have time for that! Have you ever told yourself that lie? Me too. Watch this video to see what I say about it.

When I first starting meal planning, my goal was simply to save money.  We were deep in debt and I had a dream to be able to work part-time or start my own business.  We had a lot of bills that we couldn’t control much: electricity, water, gas, car payments.  One of the variable categories was simple: GROCERIES!

Do you spend over $500 a month on groceries?  Girl, we were spending…ready for it…$1,000 a month on groceries, sometimes even more!  It was mind blowing. The worst part was, we never had anything for dinner…!

So, we started meal planning weekly and looked into quick, money saving options.  The first thing we did was grab recipes for each day of the week.  Then we created a simple calendar (here) that we wrote them down in.  Finally, we used a grocery pick up service (priced it out and it was much cheaper) to save time going to the grocery story.  Easy peasy.

While this was a great system, it was also easy to throw it to the side when we were tired at night. HELLO PIZZA! So, we also had to make it flexible and common sense for those nights we didn’t feel like what was on the menu, or cooking for that matter.

I created my busy mama meal planning system to help keep things running smoothly, keep us on track financially, but also, keep us on track with our food when we started on our health journey.

Grab it here:

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