Do you hate doing laundry? This will help.

Ok…by now, you may have noticed that I am all about systems to make life easier! Self-care is not just the beauty of bubble baths, but it’s making the must-do’s very easy, so you can enjoy all parts of your life.  Believe me, there was a time where our housekeeper folded our laundry and I didn’t have to (heaven!). However, when she quit for a different job that didn’t involve folding underwear, we had to develop a better system. So here’s my laundry model in 10 steps.

  1. Choose one day and one day only to do laundry. No laundry midweek.
  2. Separate all the laundry into piles.
  3. Carry them through rotations down to the laundry room in a free basket. Leave the basket there once you have one pile waiting for the washer, and one pile in the washer.
  4. I always start with the first batch being the one that is necessary for the next day, just in case I don’t do all of them.
  5. Start a load and take the basket back up for the next round of clothes to bring down.
  6. Now when the first load comes out of the dryer, fold it and put it into like piles on top of the dryer or counter (if you have one)
  7. Here’s the trick.  When you put them into the basket, they need to go in the way that they will be put away.  So, all shirts for one drawer go in a pile, all socks for one drawer go in a pile (husband and my socks are in two separate piles). All closet things are not folded but put over the top and they go away first.
  8. Now carry them to your bedroom, and put things away in the order you put them in the basket. Closet stuff first, then drawers.
  9. Now take another load to the laundry room and do it again.
  10. Make your grocery list using my system here: Feed the Fam
  11. Watch Netflix, take a nap, go for a run, spend time with your kids..the point is…having a system drastically cuts down on the wasted time and energy that it takes to do this mindless task. You will feel much better for the week too!

This system will save you time, energy, and will put it into a format that help you get it done!

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