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What is self-care? Here’s a tip to save you time…and money…

Self-care comes down to taking time to create systems that make daily, time consuming items more simple. This allows you to have more time to build in habits that help with relaxation. In many ways, self-care is simplifying your life. I get it, though, how?
One of the things that has taken so much time wasted from our weekends is our grocery system! Here’s how to make it quick, easy and cost effective:
1) Print a monthly calendar (I’ll post mine below).
2) Make a menu out for, at least, a week and, at most, 1 month. 3) Write out your shopping list. You can literally do this on the back of the menu, or on my menu, there is a shopping list category.
4) Choose a vendor that does grocery pick up. We use, but Fred Meyer, and Instacart provide the same service.
5) Create your list, schedule a time to pick up.
6) Spend that time you would otherwise spend at the grocery store building in those self care habits.
You think…oh well, that’s all great if I have tons of money to spend. What if I told you, we cut our bill down by 20% just by making this simple change? Less wasted food, and more time for quality self-care habits?
Making self-care a priority is about creating space for it! This simple change gave me my weekend and budget back!

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