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How to save time…and money…

As teachers, I know we have a very slim amount of free time, and let’s be honest, money.  However, there have been few times in my life where I have truly felt I had to go without.  I’m all about investing my money into timesaving tricks to make my life manageable and fun. I’ve compiled a few of my own tricks for your reading pleasure. 🙂

  1. Invest your money in a housekeeper. Whether you hire someone to come in 1x a month, or a service to come in weekly, this can be the best use of your finances.  You don’t know what you are missing until you come home to a completely clean house!  Additionally, so much time and energy will be saved with this simple addition.
  2. Meal prep. For health and sanity. You likely are completely exhausted when you come in that door at the end of the day. Why do you want to decide one more thing? I use my Saturday to sit down, fill out a meal prep menu for the week, and then we buy groceries online.  This is not only a time saver but an energy saver. Come home, pull out your menu, and get dinner on the table.
  3. Use a rental clothing service.  Why does this save you time and money? Well, you end up buying less clothes for one.  The job of a teacher can be stressful in that you must be a professional that doesn’t make a lot of money.  I use a rental service called Le Tote. I love it, and while the clothes are consignment style, you pay the fee – wear it for the length of time you enjoy it, and send it back. Want to try it for free? Go here.
  4. Budget. In order to be able to afford such things, set up your budget.  I have a wonderful teacher friend that taught me how to budget well. Also, my husband is particularly good at tracking our finances. However, I was never really interested until I sat down with him one night and realized how much money we were wasting.  So, I became interested in our budget and really cracking down on our spending. I can show you how to do this during a mentoring session. I’m here to help you make your life easier!

Making your life a good life requires work, but the moments that you set up for success will be that much sweeter when you do the work up front.  This way, when you come home, you can relax to a clean house, cute clothes and a nice meal!

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