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The Teacher Break Blues

So, you’re going back to school after winter break. And…you feel a little depressed, maybe anxious.

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Let me tell you a story: last Thursday anxiety started, I started thinking about everything I had to do to get back on track. We had two snow days before winter break so we were seriously behind. Then, I found out that my administrator was coming in to watch us on our days back! AHHH! I panicked, I cried, my husband had to calm me down. Then I took deep breaths and really focused in on the reality of the situation. What did I really need to accomplish and what was just the stress of responsibility coming back.

Here are some quick tips to use at any point in the break.

  • Take your whole break.
  • Make a running to-do list on your “notes app” or reminder app. You can also set reminders for the day you want to remember to do this…priorities people!
  • Remember not everything will get done as soon as you get back, just focus on the days you have to get through when you come back.
  • Enjoy and relax. If it helps you to relax to get a few little things done in prep. Do them! 🙂

I am going to bed early tonight at getting ready for my first day back!

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