Systems for sanity

I love anything that keeps me efficiently going, and that’s sustainable. Whenever I begin to do something, I try to make sure that it is habit forming. So you have to start small, sometimes very small.

So here’s a list of things that really work for our family when we get super busy! (Full disclosure: this page has affiliate links, but they will 100% make your life easier)

  1. Dinners together are a MUST for our family. Since my husband and I both work, however, we don’t have a lot of time.  I do menu planning each week. While my daughter was in football, I used an awesome service called HELLO FRESH.  The boxes were delivered with recipes and all the ingredients. We used these on nights she had practice.

Interested in joining? Try my link to get started today. You will get $40 off your first week!

2.  Do you love fashion, but have a teacher’s budget? Yeah, me too. I also have very little time to go shopping even though I love it. So, I started using a clothing delivery service a year ago.  I liked it, but it didn’t quite work because I had to pay a fee then also pay for the clothes. To be frank, it was too expensive for me.  So I tried a new service called Le Tote.  If you don’t mind shopping consignment, these items are for rent, wear them for the duration of your month and send them back. You also can send it back early and get an entirely new box.  I love the option with accessories because I never spend money on those when I shop. They have a variety of subscription options for every budget, plus if you don’t like how they style you – just swap it out! It’s fabulous. No wasted money here.

Interested in trying it? Get a free month!

3. My grocery system has saved us so much time and money. We have cut down our costs by 30%, and saved about 4 hours a month creating a system that works for our family!  We simply make a menu, create a grocery list, and go shopping on  After we’re done shopping, we schedule our pick up for a window. They will literally bring it to your car!

Do you want to save time and money? Try my meal planning and grocery system, where I lay it out step-by-step, including a menu for you to use to get started!  Get my system!

4. Only do your laundry on Sundays. Why? You don’t have time during the week! Plus, you can put in laundry, get your menu ready at the same time.  In between loads, you can pick up your groceries and even make dinner.  (Time saving tip: put your clothes in like piles, then put them in the laundry basket. It saves time when you go to put them away!)

5. Spend your time and energy on things that are sustainable! Only commit to new routines that you know you can sustain even when life gets busy!