When people ask me what I do, I give them my full story. I was a person who taught for 5 years before getting any academic training for what I did. I probably developed some bad habits along the way, but instead of working with them – my MAT crammed me into the mold of what a teacher “should be.” I don’t believe that.

You see, it is my belief that teaching is intuitive. It is about relationships. With outcomes based instruction, there is a drive towards systemizing something that is based on relationships. Does that make sense? Teachers aren’t robots. They are people that strive for connection. The best teachers that I have found, who routinely love what they do, who are truly passionate about their classrooms are the best at developing relationships.

Now, teachers that are completely successful and satisfied with what they do – I encourage them to keep at it! For they, likely, are completely teaching like themselves. My message, “Be you. Teach.” is all about finding your voice and making that the forefront of your teaching career. Standing for something, pushing for something greater and defining yourself by your standards is imperative.

Intuitive teaching is recognizing that relationships are important first in your classroom or school. Then teaching a love for learning is part of what you do. That means teaching HOW to learn as much as WHAT to learn. From there, we teach students how to be real-world contributors by allowing them to develop as people themselves. How do they learn that? Through YOU!

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