I love teaching and I love hanging out with kids. My talent is relating to people and life is really all about relationships. When our parents came to sit down at the table with our administration, the number one thing that they loved was that their kids loved school and they loved me.

So here’s the deal – I want you to take 5 minutes today to write down who YOU are by answering these questions.

First, take out a piece of paper and a pencil.

1) What do you know about yourself…(not as a teacher)
2) What do you know about yourself as a teacher?
3) What do you love about teaching?
4) What are your special talents?
5) Who are you NOT (what teaching philosophy will you not support)?

Now, I want you to look over this list and write a paragraph about yourself. Something that describes what you would want a parent to know about you including what you aren’t. Be careful, this is not supposed to be polished. This is supposed to be authentic. Put yourself out there (Be honest).

When you finish this – think about how you would feel if parents saw this you? Work to be this you. Work to be authentic. Work to live your teaching philosophy. Why?? Because that will attract the right students, parents and community to your school. In addition, you will love teaching more than you ever imagined.