anna9-1My name is Anna De Salvo. I’m a teacher and entrepreneur. Over the last 8 years I’ve helped build, launch and teach in about 6 different educational programs. I taught for 5 years before getting my MAT, so I had a good handle on what worked for me in the classroom.  You can imagine my surprise when I got negative feedback on my classroom observations.  Well…maybe I sucked? or maybe, I just hadn’t found myself again in this new environment.  So I started sucking more. In fact, I wasn’t sure I was going to pass.  I did, however, pull it together and passed with a 3.98.  What did this mean for my teaching career?

I found out pretty quickly during my interviews that I just didn’t fit! Districts wanted data-driven teachers that could adequately produce results. That wasn’t me. I was passionate about inquiry-based, student centered learning.  So, I did what any trained teacher that spent 80k on her post-graduate degree would do…I opened a school.

I found a group of people that wanted help. With my background in business and an MAT, I had a particular set of skills (read in Liam Neeson voice). So I helped them open and run the school for two years in Portland, Or.  After those two years, I wanted to help more people.  With my background in Business, two years of school administration under my belt, and four other programs I’d help launch or expand over the years – I took it on the road and started this consultancy.

I’m passionate about helping teachers that feel like they don’t “fit” find their place. With 44% of teachers leaving the profession in the first five years of their careers, after many achieving postgraduate education, I just didn’t feel good about it.  There had to be more people doing what I did. So as I learned more about why I wanted to launch programs – I found that many teachers get burned out, feel a lack of support and generally want to find something that allows them balance.  I wondered, however, if you could apply the principles of motivation to teaching.  Find a greater purpose and you will stick with it forever.

So…what’s your purpose? Why did you end up here with me?  Are you interested in intuitive teaching, finding your vision and purpose for what you do and using it to launch a classroom or school around it?  If so, maybe you want to work with me!

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